El “grave error” de Trump sobre el Acuerdo de París | President Trump’s reckless decision to leave the Paris Agreement

June 2, 2017

El “grave error” de Trump sobre el Acuerdo de París perjudica a los Estados Unidos

WASHINGTON — El presidente Trump anunció hoy su intención de retirar a los Estados Unidos del Acuerdo de París, el acuerdo global para combatir los efectos del cambio climático que fue alcanzado por casi 200 naciones en 2015.
Rhea Suh, presidenta del Consejo de Defensa de Recursos Naturales manifestó su desacuerdo diciendo: "Este es un grave error que perjudica a nuestro país - empezando ahora mismo.
"El extremismo de Trump nos ha aislado de la coalición global que ayudamos a crear con China, Alemania, India, Japón y otros 190 países para luchar contra el desafío ambiental más severo de nuestra generación. Él ha aislado a los trabajadores estadounidenses durante un periodo en que el boom de la energía limpia está rehaciendo la economía global. Y ha dejado a nuestros hijos con una catástrofe climática en sus manos.
"Está en nuestras manos tomar acción. Está en las manos de líderes estatales y locales, líderes empresariales, educadores, consumidores, y madres y padres ayudar a mantener viva la promesa de París".

La imprudente decisión del presidente Trump de abandonar el Acuerdo de París “vivirá en la infamia,” dañará nuestra salud, nuestra economía y nuestro clima

Fred Krupp, president, Environmental Defense Fund, "Esta decisión vivirá en la infamia. El presidente Trump ha optado por retirarse. Es una trayectoria que desafía toda lógica, ignora la abrumadora evidencia científica, e ignora el consejo de más de más de 1,000 líderes empresariales que le instaron a defender la acción climática y nuestra energía limpia. Abandonar el Acuerdo de París ralentizando el crecimiento de los trabajos de energía limpia, añadiendo al mismo tiempo más contaminación a nuestro aire, dañando nuestra salud y alimentando eventos climáticos extremos más caóticos. Esto es la movida equivocada en todos los sentidos.
"La decisión perjudicaría a Estados Unidos mucho más que lo que perjudica al acuerdo. Otros líderes mundiales ya han dejado claro que ellos continúan estando comprometidos en seguir adelante – con o sin los Estados Unidos.
“Al abandonar nuestro compromiso, el presidente se está alineando con Siria y Nicaragua, las únicas naciones en el mundo que se han rehusado a firmar el acuerdo. Está cediendo buenos trabajos a Europa y China. Está debilitando nuestra posición en negocios y negociaciones comerciales futuros. Y está arriesgando una respuesta negativa económica global que perjudicará aún más a los trabajadores y negocios estadounidenses. Esta es la razón por la cual muchas compañías líderes – y la vasta mayoría de los estadounidenses – se oponen a esta desastrosa decisón. No puede ser la última palabra y lucharemos para ver que no la sea. 
"Si puede haber un lado positivo el día de hoy, es que esto se convierte en un momento galvanizante para la mayoría de los estadounidenses que apoyan la energía limpia, la acción climática y la participación de EE.UU. en el Acuerdo de París. Mientras estas mujeres y hombres defienden a sus hijos y adoptan la energía limpia en sus propias vidas, se estarán uniendo a una miríada de ciudades, estados, compañías y naciones por todo el mundo que están liderando el camino hacia un futuro más limpio y saludable, incluso cuando el presidente intenta retroceder. Juntos, podemos tomar acción y control de nuestro propio futuro.”
President Trump’s reckless decision to leave the Paris Agreement
"will live in infamy,” harm our health, economy and climate

Fred Krupp, president, Environmental Defense Fund, "This decision will live in infamy. President Trump has chosen to retreat. It is a course that defies logic, ignores overwhelming scientific evidence, and disregards the advice of more than 1,000 business leaders who urged him stand up for climate action and our clean energy economy. Leaving the Paris Agreement will slow clean energy job growth while adding more pollution to our air, harming our health and fueling more chaotic extreme weather events. This is the wrong move in every way.

“The main victims of this reckless decision will be American workers and families. It will damage the United States far more than it damages the rest of the world. Shirking our obligation to lead will leave America isolated. In fact, other world leaders have already made clear that they will move ahead with their Paris commitments — with or without the U.S.

“By abandoning our pledge, the president is lining up with Syria and Nicaragua, the only nations in the world that have refused to sign the agreement. He is giving away our good jobs to Europe and China. He is weakening our position in business deals and trade negotiations to come. And he is risking a global economic backlash that will hurt American workers and businesses even more. That is why so many leading companies — and the vast majority of Americans — oppose this disastrous move. It cannot be the last word and we will fight to see that it isn’t.

"If there can be a silver lining today, it is that this becomes a galvanizing moment for the majority of Americans who support clean energy, climate action and U.S participation in the Paris Agreement. As these women and men stand up for their children and adopt clean energy in their own lives, they will join the myriad cities, states, companies, and nations around the world who are leading the way to a cleaner, healthier future even as the president tries to go backward. Together, we can take action and control our own future.”

Continuous Countercultural Backlash against Forward Progress, Hope and Healing

Chicago, Illinois – Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr.: President Donald Trump continued to take America backward today when he removed the United States, the second largest polluter in the world, from the Paris Climate Agreement.  The Paris Accord is an incentive for fossil fuel divestment and was the world’s first comprehensive climate agreement.  The last three years have been the hottest on record.
The U.S. has now joins Nicaragua (who wanted a stronger agreement) and Syria as the only two of 195 nations not to be part of the agreement, including 147 who ratified the agreement allowing it to go into effort on November 4, 2016.  The U.S. withdrawal is a setback to a world that was already halfway toward its goal of limiting and reducing the effects of global warming.
This backward act means the U.S. is relinquishing its chair among nations and its role as a leader in the environmental movement.  It will also deny the country the economic benefits in the renewable energy industry of the future.  Staying in would have created more jobs, spurred innovation and been a positive replacement for dying industries such as coal.  Even large U.S. corporations like Apple, Facebook, Google, Exxon-Mobil, Shell, Microsoft and others supported the agreement and recognized its environmental and economic benefits.
President Trump’s position seems to be more about keeping a campaign promise designed to undo an accomplishment of President Barack Obama than to advance and benefit the country.  Combined with his alienation of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, it seems clear that President Trump has a problem dealing with strong leaders when they are persons of color or women.
There is virtually universal agreement by the world’s scientists that human activity is the major contributor to global warming and climate change and a failure to curb it threatens the very existence of life on this planet as we know it.  If we fail to reduce global warming we should expect increased violent storms, added loss of life and massive costs to repair the damage done by the changing climate to life and property. 

Organizing for Action
This administration just made it official: They're withdrawing the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement. I don't have to tell you how devastating that is.
For the eight years I worked at the White House and the State Department under President Obama, we had a simple rule: When we made a promise as a nation -- one that nearly every other government in the world stood behind, one that was popular with both businesses and citizens, and one that safeguarded a prosperous future for our children -- we kept it.
This administration is taking the opposite path.
Any way you slice it, pulling out of Paris is the wrong move. It's bad for jobs, as clean energy jobs are growing 12 times faster than the overall economy. It's bad for our relationship with the rest of the world. It's bad for our health and safety, our national security, our air, and our water.
It's bad for our kids and our grandkids.

Hispanic Federation Condemns President Trump’s Decision to Exit Paris Climate Accord

New York, NY – Hispanic Federation has issued the following statement from President José Calderón in reaction President Trump’s decision to exit the Paris Climate Accord:
“President Trump has turned his back on an unprecedented and urgent global agreement. Perhaps more than any of Trump’s latest actions, exiting this agreement carries the risk of widespread and lasting damage – not just to the planet and future generations, but to our country’s standing in the world.
“Scientists have been warning for years that a rise in global average temperature will mean widespread stresses on food, water, and a harmful increase in sea level. Moreover, many states that are home to the country’s largest Latino communities are ground zero for the impacts of climate change, including extreme heat, drought, water-borne illnesses, and other infectious diseases. Latino communities in the U.S. already face disproportionate rates of respiratory and cardiovascular disease. Trump’s decision to ignore the science will compound the conflict and suffering that disproportionately affect already vulnerable communities, including immigrants and Latinos.”
“Cities like New York have pledged to uphold the underlying tenets of the Paris Climate Accord regardless of the President’s decision. We urge other cities and states to do the same and take measures to protect the planet and protect public health by making existing federal clean air, climate, clean water, worker safety, and endangered species standards enforceable under state and local law. If our federal government will not prioritize protecting the environment and public health, then we must look to our local leaders to do so.”
“Ultimately though, to avert the worst of these consequences, we need global coordination to solve the toughest problem humanity has ever faced. The U.S. is the second greatest polluter in the world, and our leadership was welcomed when the Paris Agreement was crafted two years ago. Since then, it has been agreed to by 195 countries and ratified by 147 to date. By exiting the climate agreement, Trump has severely damaged our standing as a global leader on arguably the most important issue affecting our planet, and has endangered our ability to prevent catastrophe and widespread human suffering on a global scale.”

EPA union: Trump administration plan to exit Paris Agreement, putting planet, human life in peril
CHICAGO – Following is a statement from Michael Mikulka, President of the American Federation of Government Employees Local 704, the union representing over 900 employees of the Environmental Protection Agency Region 5, decrying the decision of the Trump administration to withdraw from the Paris Agreement on climate change:
“The U.S. withdrawal from the Paris Agreement puts millions of human lives at risk around the world. The Trump administration must reconsider this dangerous decision, and every Member of Congress on both sides of the aisle must make his or her voice heard in unequivocal opposition to this move right now.
“As environmental scientists and engineers, we in AFGE stood by the commitment of the U.S. government to play a leading role in recognizing the clear and present danger of climate change and its causes, and in encouraging concrete measures by the international community to reverse the destruction caused by the warming of the planet.
“Despite massive evidence of the causes of climate change, the Trump Administration is abandoning the international effort of nations to save our planet and its people from the lasting damage caused by climate change. In choosing to remain blind to the obvious and immediate threat, the Trump administration is turning its back on the rest of the world, which is working together to prevent disastrous and destructive changes which threaten the health of people, the ability to produce sustenance for the planet, the loss of species through extinction, and resulting economic and political instability.
“We urge the administration to reconsider this decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement and its impact on our relationship with the rest of the international community of which in the past, the United States stood as a leader.”


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