November 22, 2019

ComEd customers can switch to wind power without seeing their rate increase


CHICAGO — Hero Power makes it easier than ever for you to switch to renewable energy and drastically reduce your carbon footprint. Now operating in northern Illinois, Hero Power offers renewable energy options to ComEd customers – at no extra cost.


Hero Power helps residential customers switch to clean energy in just 3 minutes. Hero Power charges the same rates as ComEd, and there is no fee to switch. Hero Power purchases Renewable Energy Certificates to match the amount of electricity its customers consume.


“We’re already seeing how climate change is affecting Illinois, from devastating floods, to unpredictable farming seasons and more severe winter weather. Switching to renewable energy from dirty coal is an easy and important way for consumers to fight climate change,” said Ty Benefiel, co-founder and CEO of Hero Power. “With 100% renewable electricity from Hero Power, customers can be assured they are supporting clean options that are not only good for the planet, but make financial sense.”


Renewable Energy Certificates are issued when a renewable power source, such as a wind or solar farm, generates 1,000 kWh of electricity. Hero Power purchases Renewable Energy Certificates on behalf of customers, who are able to eliminate 100 percent of the carbon previously used to power their homes. Since the power grid is not able to send clean electricity electrons into homes, Renewable Energy Credits are the best way for consumers to support the growing clean energy industry.


Making the switch to Hero Power is easy. Just visit MyHeroPower.com, click sign up and enter your ComEd account information. In just 3 minutes, your energy source will switch to Iowa-generated wind power, starting with the next billing cycle. Customers won’t see any changes in the quality or delivery of their service, nor in their power bill. In fact, they’ll continue to pay ComEd, which in turn pays Hero Power for renewable energy supply.


“It’s important that customers in Illinois know they won’t see any change to their bill or their rate,” said Benefiel. “While renewable energy often costs more than traditional power sources, we think the best way to inspire people to make the switch is by ensuring consumers don’t bear the costs of innovation. Furthermore, Hero Power is committed to providing transparent and quality service.”


Hero Power’s entrance into the market coincides with a growing adoption of renewable energy sources in Illinois. The city of Chicago has pledged to power all of its buildings with renewable energy by 2025, more Illinois solar and wind projects are coming online, and more than 600,000 residential customers have already switched from dirty energy to renewables, according to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Nationally, renewables, like wind and solar power, are now cheaper than coal.


ComEd currently includes renewable energy in its suite of power offerings. However, that energy is bundled together with power generated by dirty coal, nuclear and natural gas, so customers don’t know the true source of their power. With Hero Power’s trackable Renewable Energy Certificates, customers know exactly where their clean energy is coming from, and they don’t have to be concerned that their power source is polluting Illinois’ air and contributing to climate change.


Hero Power also has a free app that helps customers save money, earn prizes and reduce their carbon footprint with personalized energy tips. Customers can earn points by reading articles about energy efficiency, compete with friends over their energy knowledge and find deals on smart energy products. The app is available for Hero Power customers on Apple and Android devices.


Hero Power is a state-certified Alternative Retail Electric Supplier. Benefiel is co-host of the popular podcast “The Climate Pod.” For more information on Hero Power, visit http://www.myheropower.com.



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