January 26, 2018

Witness for Dreamers, DACA recipients and all those facing deportation


[Cleveland, Ohio] In coordination with the State of the Union address, community members will join together for a demonstration in Market Square to denounce deportation, the Trump administration's year of actions against families and lack of progress toward policies that would protect immigrants.


All across the country, families are being torn apart violently and needlessly by ICE. Beloved community member of 40 years and local Youngstown businessman Amer Adi Othman began a hunger strike from his cell 9 days ago to protest his unfair detainment and deportation. Known for philanthropic service and the free community meals he serves, this father of four is facing deportation. His story is going national and even Dennis Kucinich, Congressional Representative Tim Ryan and the Youngstown mayor have shown support.


Meanwhile, the dangers that propel children, teens, women and men from all over the world to seek refuge in the United States have not ended. The number of people arrested simply for being immigrants in the US interior rather than at the border (meaning they were not new arrivals) increased by 42 percent last year. Concurrently, immigration arrests of people with no criminal convictions nearly tripled.


Calling for the construction of more border walls, threatening the withdrawal of federal funding from sanctuary cities, and prioritizing deportation of all unstatused immigrants, have stalled any hope for true democratic progress. Even with Immigration and Customs Enforcement expansion, no amount of border control will affect whether or not migrants make the difficult choice to leave their countries and seek safety from violence and poverty in the US. Each day that congress fails to pass a clean Dream Act, 122 more people are at risk of deportation.


Jose Mendez from DreamActivist Ohio, said of his personal experience with immigration policies, “As a Dreamer, I can’t continue to live in anxiety day by day. We need Congress to act and fix our broken immigration system. I will continue to fight for my family and myself no matter how tough the battle gets.”


Civil society will continue to fight for the rights of immigrants. We call on this administration and the 115th Congress to do everything in their power to reverse these destructive policies.


What: SOTU Demonstration denouncing deportation


When: Tuesday, January 30, 2018 at 5:30 p.m.


Where: Market Square, the corner of W 25th St and Lorain Ave. Cleveland, OH 44113


Who: InterReligious Task Force on Central America and Colombia, DreamActivist Ohio, Greater Cleveland Immigrant Support Network, Cleveland Jobs with Justice, America’s Voice Ohio, Northern Ohio Detention Support Network, Democratic Socialists of America Cleveland, Action Together Lakewood, Indivisible Cleveland, West Shore Unitarian Universalist, Heights Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Cuyahoga County Progressive Caucus, Cincinnati Sanctuary Congregation Coalition and others.



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